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*NEW! Transfering your high resolution print files directly to us is both secure and easy by simply installing a secure DropBox on your own computer! After downloading and installing DropBox, you can simply place your desired print files in your own private DropBox folder and "share" that link with GicleeWorks™ by "inviting us" to that specific file folder. Your specific print files are then securely accessible to us ONLY for download to our final print production system to complete your project.

CLICK HERE to learn more on how to download and install your FREE DropBox now! https://www.dropbox.com

FOR MORE INFORMATION on using DropBox, click and download the following linked pdf file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69398769/Getting%20Started.pdf

E-MAIL ORDERS: To order a GicleeWorks™ brand print from your personal digital files by email, simply attach your photo or digital file to an e-mail and send directly to: cdi1002@qwestoffice.net. Be sure to follow the "Know First & File Preparation" guidelines that follow.

KNOW FIRST - Your e-mail "file send" limitations (5, 6 & 10 MB for attachments) and send singles or multiple files according to your send limitations, or you will get your e-mails kicked back to you with the error "you have exceeded that limit!"  

FILE PREPARATION: Files should be set up as follows: 100% Print Size, RGB (Color Mode: Adobe RGB 1998) @ 150-175dpi, as a .jpeg file, with a compression quality of 10-12 (anything less will cause "pixel-clumping & banding issues). 

YOUR FILES will be pre-flighted for resolution, visual quality, and clarity inherent to your original file. We will e-mail or call if we need to discuss a quality issue with you. 

IN YOUR E-MAIL: Be sure to include your name, address, best telephone numbers, and anyn other contact information helpful completing your order in a timely manner.

Clearly specify final print size, desired border trim width, bleeds, and print media choices for your job such as: Premium Luster (24" - 44"), 100% Cotton Rag Fine Art (24" Only), Enhanced Matte (24"-44", or 100% Cotton Canvas (24"-36").

COSTS (per sq.ft.) are as follows:

Print Media with Epson® K2 & K3 Inks Choice (NO Matte Black Inks Available)

  • Premium Luster (24"- 44" - 8 mill/250gsm): $13.50 per sq.ft. (2 sq.ft min. order)
  • 100% Cotton Rag (24" Only): $15.00 per sq.ft. (2 sq.ft min. order)
  • Enhanced Matte (24" - 44"): $13.50 per sq.ft. (2 sq.ft. min. order)
  • 100% Cotton Canvas (24" - 36"): $18.95 per sq.ft. (6 sq.ft. mi. order)
  • Photo Satin - 720dpi/180gsm (24" - 36"): $9.50 per. sq.ft. (4 sq.ft. min. order)
  • PolyPro™ Trade Show Panels (36") with 10 mill UV Luster PS Laminate - CALL!

UV Laminates - Gloss Thermal and Pressure Sensative Luster

  • UV Gloss 5/5- (10 mill) Flat - Ripple Free) $4.95 per. sq.ft. (4 sq.ft. min. order) 
  • Avery UV Pressure Sensative Satin (3 mill) $5.95 per.sq.ft. (4 sq.ft. min. order)
  • UV Luster Polyester Pressure Sensative (10 mill) $8.95 per.sq.ft. (8 sq.ft. min.)
  • UV Giclee Roll Coat - Satin, Handcoating, 2 ply, $8.95 per.sq.ft. (4 sq.ft. min.)

SQ.FT. CALCULATOR: "X" Dimension multiplied by the "Y" Dimension, divided by 144, rounded up to nearest whole number = Your Square Footage.  

NOTE: Premium Luster and Satin Photo Papers laminate extremely well with UV Gloss Laminates, while Matte paper and Poly Propelene stocks laminate well ONLY with pressure sensative laminates. 

LIGHTING CONSIDERATIONS: Please specify final lighting environment prints will hang in (example: Incandescent/Tungsten/Halogen [all same], Flourescent or Daylight.) If none is specified, we will run the standard driver setting for the chosen material stock with a daylight equivalent. We are after a best "metameric color match" based on lighting information you provide us or don't provide.

COLOR PROOFING: Color proofs are available for an extra fee based on request for between $20.00 - $35.00 each, plus a shipping and handling charge.     

PHOTO EDITING: $50 per hour (1/2 hour min.)

COLOR CORRECTION: $70 per hour (1/2 hour min.)

GRAPHIC DESIGN: $65 per hour (1/2 hour min.)

*If you have any questions at all, DON'T HESITATE TO CALL!: (406) 451-8099

All work is 100% satisfaction gauranteed.

   Since 1995