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We want to share some of our favorite and most reliable links with you. Knowledge is power! Today's primary window to the world of wonder, greater understanding, and communication is provided through the gateway of the Internet. The following links below are Industry and Professional related ones. GicleeWorks® hopes that you can come to rely upon them as we have and delve into the depths of what they have to offer. We will continue to add to this list for your benefit.

1008 N 7th Ave. Suite A

http://www.bozemancamera.com (Bozeman's best new and used camera store)

http://www.wilhelm-research.com/ (Testing center for print longevity)

http://www.dpreview.com/ (World's #1 resource for digital cameras and lense reviews)

http://www.flaar.org/ (Giclee equipment testing resource - for the engineering minded)

http://www.gtilite.com/index.html (Giclee print lighting and proofing equipment)