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   CEO & Artist

Currently, CEO and Artist, Rein D. Gillstrom handles all Presales Consulting, Estimations, Materials ordering, I.T., Graphic Design, Photography, along with, Print Production, Finishing and Shipping. Rein brings over 30 years experience in the fine arts and nearly 20 years experience in digital imaging and printing.

Addtionally, our long term media and supply vendors, along with our quality shipping carriers, and any local and national resources we have relied on over the years are considered viable assets of our "reliable team"...and they're yours too!

 Rein is totally dedicated and devoted to the arts, doing his best to see that you are satisfied and confident in the services that GicleeWorks® has to offer, and he stands behind the quality and printing craftsmanship 100%. Everyone on the team looks forward to working with you!

   Since 1995